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Lizzie Bennet Diaries; Lizzie/Darcy


So... yeah episodes 98, q&a 10 and 99 happened. and thus was born this mix. Basically William Darcy ignored work and did not call his sister back for FOUR DAYS, leading me to conclude that they spent most of that week cooped up inside Lizzie's bedroom. I also have this vague headcanon where Lizzie tells him not to call Gigi back because 'she'll watch the video when it's posted' and who would want to deny Gigi her flailing. Basically this mix is for the week where they finally start boning. And making out. Also cuddling a lot. They both love cuddling.

This is for the six daysweek spent mostly in Lizzie's bed.

OVERTURE Sleeping At Last
+ + +
it starts with our eyes well acquainted / with the dark
the mind was made to illuminate the heart

CONNECT ME Christopher Norman
+ + +
i know how it feels to be
stuck living inside your head
chasing words that were never said
heart racing without a sound
every wall around you coming down
The Naked and Famous
+ + +
we lie beneath the stars at night
our hands gripping each other tight
you keep my secrets hope to die
 promises, swear them to the sky
SIPS OF MERCY The Benjamins
+ + +
i lay here and drink you in
sips of mercy in your skin
take me high and take me low
swing me about to and fro
as we swim waves bury us
i'd rather drown than give you up
BIG FEET Catey Shaw
+ + +
your manners well they aren't sweet
but i like the way you eat

you like my corny jokes
i like it when you say you like me most
and we like to sleep all day
BLOOM The Paper Kites
+ + +
In the morning when I wake
and the sun is coming through,
oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness,
and you fill my head with you.
shall I write it in a letter?
shall I try to get it down?
+ + +
you looked like the sun
i was the only one
who could stare until you were done shining on me
and as we drank our wine and let the world fade away
the sunrise tried to end it while we tried to stay
UNDER MY SKIN  Peter Bradley Adams
+ + +
she's under my skin
and if i say no
she kisses the scar on my chin
and before I can speak, we're dancing again
we turn, and spin right out of control
LULLABY Dixie Chicks
+ + +
how long do you want to be loved
is forever enough, is forever enough
how long do you want to be loved
is forever enough
cause i'm never, never giving you up
WARM Just Us
+ + +
a cup of coffee and a good morning kiss.
you’re drinking your tea.
i’m saying "baby, don’t make me leave.
we can spend the day in our sheets."

it’s the things you do
that make me want to,
keep you warm.
KISS ME Ed Sheeran
+ + +
settle down with me
cover me up / cuddle me in

yeah I've been feeling everything
from hate to love/ from love to lust
from lust to truth
i guess that's how i know you
kiss me like you wanna be loved

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→ enjoy ♥
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